doushi2019-09-16 17:24:28


Here is our experience working with xxxx. We have a house located in the best location in XXXX, which Zillow valued $262,400. Before putting in the market, we have a lot of upgrades, including all new toilets, all new doors in first floor, new countertop, new dishwasher, new ceiling fan, new  water heaters, new furnace, new carpet and illuminate floor in first floor, new blind, new painting almost all house. The upgrading costs over $46000 in 2019. We also have roof replaced in 2016.

The house price should have an estimate first based on the data from market, then increasing the estimates based on the recent updating. By that, the price of our house shall fill in the range from $270000 to $280000 as given by the other realtors we contacted with.

But we made a wrong decision. We chose this realtor. In order to sell it quickly, so she can get the money and force us to sell $250000, which is much lower than we expected. My husband argued with $255,000 for a compromise. After we left the house, we thought that house is worthy much more and asked to increase $4000-5000. She changed to $259000. BTW, she asked us to sell house with brand new refrigerator, new washer and dryer. She said that everybody does like this. I didn't agree. Later, we are able to sale the appliance separately to the buyer.

xxxx also asked us to sign contract filled with a term like if “...I fail to fulfill the terms of that purchase agreement, then I shall pay you the agreed commission in full." We signed with the bad due to our inexperience.

Immediately after house in the market, two families visited the house. We had 2 offers with full price after a couple of hours. One asked us replied within 2.5 hours and one asked us replied within half hour. That put us in no choice but had to sell the house with the low price since we signed the contract with term described above.

Because the buyer repeatedly tried to modify the closing date and we want to take the chance to withdraw from the deal. The realtor worried that the deal may fall apart and she knew I disagreed about the change in closing date. First, she said that I am standing by your side. Then she sent us an agreed contract with my name to my husband (my husband and I do not live in same state right now). My husband signed my contract. Then my husband and I sent 4 emails to her and asked void the sign. She ignored, later she sent the contract with my husband's name to him and let my husband sign again.

The realtor sent a contract in case of the cancellation with a term like "Home to be put on market at the time of cancellation". We can put our house back on market but don't want to write it in contract.

Finally, the buyer gave up changing the closing date. We sold our house with low price.

另外她第一次來我們家對我們的老式鋼琴說有個買家想買鋼琴,我們是想把鋼琴處理掉,無任象徵性給點錢or free,就選了這realtor。和她簽合同的那天早上那“買家”來說要了,簽合同后的下午那“買家”說不要了,free也不要。我感覺像表演,但沒證據。


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doushi2019-09-16 17:45:50
iHusky2019-09-16 17:47:14
不管有多少個offer, why not reject?
doushi2019-09-16 17:51:18
不能reject,簽合同如給full price,如reject必須給realtor full交易fee。
hz820002019-09-16 17:56:32
中介確實不得力,是你自己選的,我知道可以 bid high,具體操作不清楚,我
新年20122019-09-16 17:57:35
新年20122019-09-16 17:58:33
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新年20122019-09-16 18:23:01
sweetptt2019-09-16 18:25:04
你可能有什麼誤解。這個簽不籤條款如果full price offer都需要付commission
doushi2019-09-16 18:25:08
hz820002019-09-16 18:27:41
如果市場價27萬,你賣了259000,upgrade 會讓房子走的快,錢一般拿不回來的
新年20122019-09-16 18:27:43
海棠花兒2019-09-16 18:28:00
房子的價格和你們的upgrade 沒多少關係,很多時候upgrade 錢收不回來的 完全是市場決定的
doushi2019-09-16 18:28:14
doushi2019-09-16 18:30:25
海棠花兒2019-09-16 18:31:00
海棠花兒2019-09-16 18:31:00
你們自己選擇的代理 這個是你們的責任
doushi2019-09-16 18:31:22
新年20122019-09-16 18:33:51
那你幹嘛不選別的Realtor? 目前這市場,早點賣掉省心,更何況你們還異地
海棠花兒2019-09-16 18:34:00
她強硬 還能強迫你們賣房?你們選的她 同意了offer price 你們自己的責任
海棠花兒2019-09-16 18:34:00
你現在房子也賣了 move on吧
海棠花兒2019-09-16 18:35:00
她trick 也要你take trick啊,learn a lesson move on吧
勤懇兢業2019-09-16 18:41:44
知道很多老中選人願意找老美大牌,事實是大牌就靠賣便宜了賺名聲,be aggressive
sweetptt2019-09-16 18:49:19
tabby_肥貓552019-09-16 18:54:53
大宋屯2019-09-16 18:58:00
愛吃肉的胖子2019-09-16 19:38:14
買賣房子還是自己找律把關,別用中介了。 中介實際跟代理人的利益正好相反,添堵都不夠呢。。。
doushi2019-09-16 19:41:09
hz820002019-09-16 19:42:23
海棠花兒2019-09-16 19:49:00
除非自己有時間有執照,代理很重要的,他們有network, 自己要對房子價格有個數,其他的代理有很多資源個人沒有